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Sergi [01 Feb 2007|10:24am]

1.Name: Sergi
3.years snowboarding:2
4.Set up: I've started with a wide K2 Access 163 c. This year I got 158c Burton Custom X. Huge price difference, but it pays you back when you saddle this stallion.
5.Did you ski before you started riding? Yeap, for 6 years.
6.Home mountain? The Carpathian Mountains.
7.Best Snowboarding story: About 30 minutes downhill riding from a rugged rocks steep with a tiny avalanche behind. I felt kind of stupid for a moment I came down, but man was it awesome to ride a wild rock! :)
8.Worst snowboarding accident: Dislocation of vertebra. 'Wasn't too serious, but I had to visit a manual therapy doctor once and take a break for couple of days.
9.Picture of you and your setup: Shot with an old nokia 2 years ago, sorry for poor quality.
10.Goofy/Regular? Regular
11.Favorite bands: It depends on kind of job I'm occupied with. Mostly it's no-hard-music, but when it comes to action hard stuff is always welcomed.
12.Favorite snowboard videos: First descent!!!! Definitely!
13.Favorite snowboarder: No particular, but I like when girls beat haughty guys who think they are so cool:)


[19 Jul 2006|08:25am]

Name: Andy
Age: 20
years snowboarding: 8
Set up: (Board/bindings/boots) Sims Chaos 163W / Technine MFM Pro Grn/Ylw / Cheap Avalanche Boots (also NEW Sims Electroshock 154 For Sale)
Did you ski before you started riding? A few times when a was a young chav
Home mountain? Pine Mtn. / Norway Mtn. (work rentals here) / Alpine Valley
Best Snowboarding story: Going up to Mt. Bohemia for Mardi Gras Madness / I won a sims electroshock online
Worst snowboarding accident: Caught a rail in the gut, had to catch my wind for a while.
Goofy/Regular? Reg
favorite bands: RHCP White Stripes J5 Atmosphere CCR
favorite snowboard videos: SolidPowder.com
favorite snowboarder: Danny Kass

Not the exact Board, mine is an '03 and a 163W, couldn't find pic.

Awesome binding, I would recommend Technine to anyone.


[09 Jul 2006|10:33pm]

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join if you're a girl who rides, skates or surfs!!!


[19 Feb 2006|04:26pm]

1.Name: Kayla
2.Age: 18
3.years snowboarding: this is my 8th year
4.Set up: (Board/bindings/boots) it's really mixed up.. infinity board (i did want a burton board, though i do like mine), ride bindings, burton boots
5.Did you ski before you started riding? yes, started skiing when i was 7
6.Home mountain? mammoth
7.Best Snowboarding story: well, the moments i liked the best were either when i did my first box, or when i first carved down the front of the mountain, without scooting because i would o that alot when iw as younger, it was either a black or double black.
8.Worst snowboarding accident: well, the most recent one, i actually wasn't doing anything.. i had just hit a roller and was standing next to a group of my friends waiting for 1 or 2 other people to clear it and then this guy came down out of control and ran right into me and my board came out from under me bc that's what he hit and i went flying in the air. it was crazy.
9.Picture of you and your setup: ...i don't really have one, at least on this computer.
10.Goofy/Regular? regular
11.favorite bands: there are sooo many... i'll narrow it down; the beatles, jack johnson, the postal service, modest mouse, pink floyd, the killers, snow patrol, coldplay, sufjan stevens, brand new, panic! at the disco, bright eyes, david bowie, the eagles, oasis, damien rice, nirvana, foo fighters, sublime, the rolling stones... i'll just stop there, a more complete list is in my user info.
12.favorite snowboard videos: honestly, i don't know
13.favorite snowboarder: shaun white... but saying that seems so... unoriginal, but i love him, so i've got to.


new [11 Dec 2005|05:34pm]

1.Name: Susan
2.Age: 16
3.years snowboarding: Not even a year yet, i'm beginning.
4.Set up: (Board/bindings/boots) 05 Burton Feather, 05 stilletos, 05 Burton Moto boots.
5.Did you ski before you started riding? nah.
6.Home mountain? alpine valley. skiers always mess up the lifts there, they can't seem to just sit down when it comes up they always have to fall.
7.Best Snowboarding story: i skipped from a level A to a level C on saturday in my club and..i did my first rail
8.Worst snowboarding accident: saturday actually. uhm it was my most random fall. my board caught egde and just threw me down face first. i got a bloody nose and some scratches on my face and was in between almost passing out and being awake for like 30 seconds. like i had my eyes closed and i could see it get darker and lighter then darker and lighter it was crazy. and my friend said i couldn't pronounce words and i was just mumbling mixed up words
9.Picture of you and your setup: (please use lj-cut)
it's just a picture of the deck.Collapse )
10.Goofy/Regular? Regular
11.favorite bands: The Blood Brothers, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, UnderOath, From First To Last, Funeral For A Friend, Senses Fail, Alkaline Trio, Taking Back Sunday
12.favorite snowboard videos: the only ones i've seen so far is First Descent and The Shaun White Album. they were both pretty good.
13.favorite snowboarder: Shaun White, Danny Kass, Hannah Teter (loved her before First Descent came out, so don't judge by that.) Tara Dakides, anddddd Gretchen Bleiler. I also like Jp Solberg's style


Season Openner Party In Lake Lousie [04 Nov 2005|12:50am]

So the Skids, The Rude Boys team, The Lake Louise Inn and I are throwing this... if you live in the 250 or the 403 you should try and make it out... we have a fair bit of snow already so openning day should be goodtimes!
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trza and the trouble [31 Aug 2005|09:06pm]

whats up guiys i havent dseen much going on in here lately but i thought id make a post and with anyluck someone can help me out i was wondering if anyone had an idea of where i could find some music by trevor andrews band "the trouble" if anyone can help me out thanks so much if not you all shoudl look in to them there fucking great!


[27 Jun 2005|01:44pm]




hey! new member [01 Jun 2005|09:35am]

[ mood | just thinkin bout it :P ]

3.years snowboarding:1
4.Set up: none right now but i plan 2 buy a shaun white deck, burton bindings, and shaun white boots! $700 here i come :P and im gonna buy a blank deck (if i can find 1) and paint it but itll jsut b 4 show :D
5.Did you ski before you started riding? nope never have! the skiers r evil here! they spray us poor boarders!
6.Home mountain? mt. Lacrosse and bruce mound
7.Best Snowboarding story: hmm 1st time was rich! we had a great time! my 5th grade teacher wuz there,and i fell right in front of him! lets just say my new nickname is biff! :P
8.Worst snowboarding accident: omg! do i have 2 go there :P more like most imbarrassing! we were supposed 2 go all the way up the lift, but i decided 2 get off 1/2 way cuz i like had no idea! so my friends like wut r u doing and i wuz like getting off , and she goes dude we stay on i felt soo dumb! so i held on 2 the lift (y i dunno :P) and fell right infront of this group of like 5 guys we were checking out be4 i felt soo dumb! then after i let go the guy stops the lift and was like wut happend so i wus like i thought we were getting off! it was soooo imbarrassing!!! then my friends brother comes down teh hill and looks @ me and goes i aint saying nething lol i wuz mortified!
9.Picture of you and your setup: sorry but ill get a pic of the board i want l8er
10.Goofy/Regular? regular
11.favorite bands:umm GC, greenday, Ying Yang twins!! (if they count lol)
12.favorite snowboard videos: Shaun white album (i still have 2 get that!!!)
13.favorite snowboarder:SHAUN WHITE MAN!!


[13 Apr 2005|06:44pm]

Did anyone else go to Nationals at Copper besides me?



afterlame [02 Mar 2005|05:45pm]

hey ive never actualy posted in here but ive got a favour to ask. do you think someone could give me a list of all the songs on afterlame.? im trying to figure out some songs and i dont have the movie i saw it at a friends. so im hoping someone can help me out.


[22 Feb 2005|07:09pm]

applicationCollapse )


[12 Feb 2005|08:28pm]

[ mood | refreshed ]

hey! heres my application!

1.Name: Meag
2.Age: 15
3.years snowboarding: 4
4.Set up: (Board/bindings/boots)Burton Lexa Bindings, Burton Somin boots, RENTAL board...my board broke so i strapped my brand new bindings to a rental board, im too poor to buy a new one and im not gonna stop riding..man i love the tehies!
5.Did you ski before you started riding? nope
6.Home mountain? Skyloft, Uxbride ish Ontario
7.Best Snowboarding story: acomplishing anyhting for the first time, first time off chair without fallin, first turn, firt carve, first jump, first rail etc etc, awesome feelings
8.Worst snowboarding accident:my fall on jan 1st, day after i made my new years resolution to be healthy, and i ended up cracking and bruising some ribs knocked the wind outta me and hit my head and gave myself a concussion aka me puking 7 times and hurt my shoulder...good times
9.Picture of you and your setup: (please use lj-cut) heres my pic,its my old board befor eit broke and my old bindings, but its the closet pic i have
10.Goofy/Regular? Goofy
11.favorite bands:* Linkin Park
* Emery
* Element Eighty
* Greenday
* Blink 182
* Boxcar Racer
* The Used
* Disturbed
* Incubus
* Our Lady Peace
* Rage Against the Machine
* Dashboard COnfessional
* Limp Bizkit
* Three Days Grace
* Good Charlotte
* Yellowcard
* Social Code
* Hed (pe)
* Slightly Stoopid
* Billy Talent
and soo many more
12.favorite snowboard videos:back in black, still struggling 1 and 2
13.favorite snowboarder:(more then one) tara dakides, erin comsotck, jessica dalpaiz, alexis waite, gigi ruff, alex achu, shawn white...many more


[02 Feb 2005|05:11pm]


How's your Aspen?Collapse )


[29 Jan 2005|07:26pm]

1.Name: Carrie Downing
2.Age: 18
3.years snowboarding: 9
4.Set up: (Board/bindings/boots) forum star series 152cm, forum ATE bindings, Women's Judge by DC
5.Did you ski before you started riding? no
6.Home mountain? since its minnesota, Mount Kato in Mankato
7.Best Snowboarding story: beating all the guys down the run (i'm a bordercross person)
8.Worst snowboarding accident: bailed my first rail and smashed face into it
9.Picture of you and your setup: no scanner, no digital, sorry everyone
10.Goofy/Regular? regular
11.favorite bands: godsmack, korn, manson, otep, slipknot, rammstein, disturbed, rob zombie, guns n roses, motley crue, system of a down, ac/dc
12.favorite snowboard videos: all of them, how can you pick only one?
13.favorite snowboarder: Gretchen Bleiler


[17 Jan 2005|12:43am]

1.Name: Megan
2.Age: nineteen (i'm getting old!)
3.years snowboarding: se7en
4.Set up: (Board/bindings/boots) nitro fate 147, burton se7en 150, burton missions, northwave ladies legends.
5.Did you ski before you started riding? yep, for 4 years or so. my parents made me parallel and get used to it before i was finally allowed to shred!
6.Home mountain? edelweiss valley - gatineau, quebec (i taught there for 3 seasons, started there), big white - kelowna, bc (my familys out there, i ride there more than ontario), blue mountain/st. louis moonstone - barrie/collingwood, ontario (where i'm stuck...)
7.Best Snowboarding story: i don't know if i have one, more like lots of rad memories. teaching and becoming known for my aggressive freestyle riding at edelweiss, pow slashes and chute riding in bc. that first frontside boardslide on a long flat gapped rail. snowboading surprises me and gets better everyday.
8.Worst snowboarding accident: probably when i went off a jump back at edelweiss and corked by accident. i got a ton of air, rotated so i was directly upside down and slammed down on my face and my neck snapped. lots of codeine, ER x-rays, concussion and nerve damage was the result.
9.Picture of you and your setup: (please use lj-cut) see below.
10.Goofy/Regular? regular, but switch riding owns.
11.favorite bands: atmosphere, swollen members, zion-i, led zepplin, blonde redhead, muse, modest mouse, comebackkid, rjd2...it's very varied and changes daily! lots of hip hop, rock, punk, hardcore, indie, some metal...
12.favorite snowboard videos: pop!, technical difficulties, lil bastards, positron, all of robot food...im sure fast food will be one as well when i see it.
13.favorite snowboarder: gigi ruf, terje, devun walsh, romain de marchi, kale stephens, dave benedek....i could go on and on. i'm all about style and just riding for the love of it.
have a peekCollapse )


[09 Jan 2005|02:52pm]

Hey im going up to mammoth this weekend (15-17) anyone going up, drop me a line on my lj main page or send me a AIM:Clean1313 im always down with riding with new people


[06 Jan 2005|09:38pm]

just curious, anyone go on invasion or S.W.A.T. this year? for those who dont know what that is, its a trip for teens, they take u to a resort for about 4-5days and its like one big party on the slopes. anyone go?


[06 Jan 2005|09:20pm]

whats up im chris, i live in camarillo (ventura county) CA, home mountain is mammoth mountain and proud of it!!
i currently use a Ride board, i make my own snowboad films with my buddys, use a cannon GL2. im 18 in march and been riding about 6 years. i ride bear mountain as well as mountain high (only if im doing jibb's and shit). if your ever heading up to mammoth drop me a line, im always down with riding with new people as long as its not like teaching u how to get up lol anyways im out, late

1.Name:Chris W.
2.Age:17, 18 in 2months
3.years snowboarding:6
4.Set up: Board:Ride 159, Binding: Mickey Leblanc, Boots: Ride (shitty)
5.Did you ski before you started riding: *covers face* yes =P
6.Home mountain: Mammoth Mountain, as well as bear mnt, and summit mnt and mnt high
7.Best Snowboarding story:went up to utah with 5 buddys in april, hiked up to wolverine ceric and rode down, best ever
8.Worst snowboarding accident:30foot air over a landing on to the flat, knee's gave out n cracked 3 ribes
9.Picture of you: see my lj
11.favorite bands: As I Lay Dying, Kill Switch Engage, Shadows Fall, At the Gates, >see my info for full list<
12.favorite snowboard videos: amp, any warren miller film's, the resistance (of course)
13.favorite snowboarder: danny kass or travis rice


Ouchies hurt knee [06 Jan 2005|03:21pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey you guys I had my first comp last monday at Cranmore in NH. It was a rail jam. My last run I fell and hurt my knee trying to frontside a banked c rail. I spent  4 hours in the ER and was on crutches for a week, but hopefully I'll be back out on the mountain on Sunday! Just thought I'd share.

Heres the results:


OOoOh the compCollapse )

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